OVERSTIMS UTMB Bar - Fèves de cacao/Noix de cajou

2.30 €

The i-Run team says

UTMB Bar Overstims : a healthy, effective and greedy energy !


Go with the cocoa beans and cashews UTMB Bar Overstims, an energy ally to run healthily to the finish line of your ultra-trail.


What makes it unique is its composition with natural ingredients100% vegan and gluten free. Made with cashews, the UTMB Bar Overstims brings you oleaginous micronutrients for an antioxidant benefit, whereas cocoa beans gives you the carbohydrate contribution needed in intense efforts.


It is easy to carry and can be used in any conditions, as soon as you feel fatigue and hunger. Mellow and tasty, it is the ideal gourmet snack for your UTMB race.



Key points of the UTMB Bar Overstims:


      UTMB 2018 official energy bar

      To be eaten during effort

      Mellow and tasty

      Cashews: antioxidant benefit

      Cocoa beans: carbohydrate contribution

      100% natural ingredients

      Vegan energy bar

      Gluten free


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OVERSTIMS UTMB Bar - Fèves de cacao/Noix de cajou
OVERSTIMS UTMB Bar - Fèves de cac...
2.30 €